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Flexible production processes at maximum efficiency

Cutting production faces the challenge that customers want faster production with as few steps as possible that also covers the largest possible range of parts. However, this will only work in an efficient way, if all the efficiency potentials of production automation have been consistently and fully used. SCHUNK showcases at the AMB a sophisticated system program for automated loading of machine tools.
Learn more about the innovations from the area of toolholders and stationary workholding, lathe chucks, and chuck jaws.
Don’t miss it! Experience 19 innovations, a live machine demonstration every hour, and numerous solutions of the clamping and gripping technology for your industrial application.

New and top products at the AMB

Weight-reduced lathe chucks, a hydraulic expansion toolholder with standard heat shrinking contour, and an electric VERO-S module. These are just three of altogether 19 innovations showcased by SCHUNK at the AMB. 

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Impressions from the SCHUNK booth

Automated machine loading

Automated manufacturing of small batch sizes

The successes in automated machine loading are considerable: Even when manufacturing smallest batch sizes and individual parts, it is still possible to reduce the set-up time downtimes, and to utilize the full potential of your machine with minimum staff around the clock. To achieve this, the perfect interplay of components of clamping technology and gripping systems for automated loading and unloading of machine tools and workpiece handling is a decisive factor.

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  • High-end automation: Automated palletizing system VERO-S NSA plus and robot coupling NSR for a set-up time reduction of up to 90%
  • The largest modular system for individualists with more than 500 variations of workpiece clamping

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The world premiere: TENDO Slim 4ax

The world’s first slim hydraulic expansion toolholder in standardized heat shrinking contour according to DIN 69882-8

Are you working with heat shrinking toolholders and you want to benefit from the advantages of hydraulic expansion technology without changing the process on your machining center? Then, please don’t miss the world premiere of the toolholder for optimized reaming, drilling and countersinking of axial machining processes.

NEW: TENDO Slim 4ax in the machining process


  • standardized heat shrinking contour according to DIN 69882-8
  • Tool change without peripheral devices
  • 100% work safety or zero-risk principle during tool clamping
  • Plug & work guarantee: Exchange a heat shrinking toolholder 1:1 without change of process. Ready for immediate use!
  • Minimum set-up times at maximum flexibility

Product details

Minimum set-up times at maximum flexibility

Versatility as a decisive competitive factor

The cutting production faces the challenge that more and more frequent in as few operations possible and with minimum set-up time as the largest possible range of parts has to be covered. More than ever, versatile clamping devices are in demand, which allow the change of various applications, and which also ensure high accuracy and high process stability. By using the matching SCHUNK clamping technologies, you can achieve optimum results.

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  • ROTA-S plus 2.0 – The manual lathe chuck with split-second change mechanism at the press of a button.
  • ROTA THW plus – The power lathe chuck with integrated jaw quick-change system
  • ROTA-S flex – Weight-optimized 3-jaw manual lathe chuck with jaw quick adjustment and extremely large clamping range for maximum flexibility.
  • The PRONTO jaw quick-change system - With 5 seconds change time per jaw. The set-up time turbo!
  • PRISMO3 Tool grinding toolholder – Seamlessly and flexibly clamps every clamping diameter.
  • ADDUCO hydraulic clamping nut – Ultra-fast clamping operation for efficient clamping of hobs, gears, and shaft and axis connections.
Industries applications in focus: Automotive

Fast availability, precision, quality and process-safety are ensured


SCHUNK is your competence partner for your complex application in the automotive field. We are offering you the perfect and custom-tailored solution for an economic clamping and metal cutting process with the world’s most comprehensive program for workpiece and tool clamping.

Our products and application highlights


  • NEW: TENDO Slim 4ax – Drilling, reaming and countersinking perfection
  • NEW: Co-act Gripper EGP Meets KUKA LBR iiwa – collaborative motor block assembly with SCHUNK HRC grippers

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modular system

TENDO E compact. Milling at full speed!

PRONTO jaw quick-change system

Power lathe chuck

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